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Plastic Ocean

Did you know that Swedes recycle nearly 100% of their household waste? I

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Hundreds of beach toys wash into the oceans every day.

They are – PLASTIC – and toxic to the waters, the marine life and the planet.
Having kids should not be an excuse to neglect our environment – it should be the reason to leave a better, cleaner planet behind!πŸ’š Pick up your kids toys, parents! There is no planet B. 🌎

Say BUH-BYE to those single-use, disposable cotton balls and facial wipes.

Yes, this used to be a river 😒

I believe the only way to turn this around is to get into people heads and grow the awareness about and take it from there. Everybody has to get involved

Fab trip to Ocean lab,

Fab trip to Ocean lab, Goodwick today. Engaging for children and interesting information about plastic

Sunrise & Swings at Keramas 🌊 and a beautiful beach

Sunrise & Swings at Keramas 🌊 and a beautiful beach unfortunately scattered with rubbish πŸ˜” Everyone can do their bit to minimise plastics and help save our oceans. Check outΒ @take3forthesea@parley.tvΒ for some ideas and help put an end to single use plastics by making more eco conscious choices every day – even a small change can have a big impact

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